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        Alcoa Visual Identity System

        The public face and character of a company is strongly impacted by the materials used to create its identity. Consistency helps to build strong brand recognition. The Alcoa Visual Identity System provides standards for using its logo, tagline, color palette, and more. These brand guidelines are to be followed for all Alcoa communications, marketing initiatives and other Alcoa-authorized uses.

        Key requirements

        • The official logo and symbol in the Visual Identity System are the ONLY sanctioned marks for use
        • The Alcoa logo and symbol should never be separate
        • No other marks or symbols may be used or created in conjunction with or to replace the official Alcoa identity.

        Click here to access the Alcoa logos for print and digital use in various colors and formats.

        Brand Guidelines

        For help in using these elements in your communications, refer to our Brand Guideline document.

        Click here for examples of how Alcoa's brand can be applied to your design.

        Aloca Corp. Logo Usage